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Become a Blond, Redhead, Brunette or Any Color in the Rainbow Today.  The Professionals at Kittie Olivier Will Find and Apply the Perfect Hair Color for You.

If you’re looking for the best hair color services in Orange County, you’ve come to the right place.  Kittie Olivier offers a wide range of hair color services, including color weaves, solid color, dimensional color, full highlights, partial highlights and many more.  We often integrate individual colors with your virgin or pre-colored hair to make a perfect, natural looking blend.  Touch ups and age defying color are specialties of our professionals; we get the gray hair out, leaving you with that natural look.  Generally we start with your skin tone and a talk about what you want.  Our years of experience allow us to mix the perfect hair color to match your skin and desires.  While it can be tempting to save a few dollars with a home hair color kit, it takes a professionals’ years of training and experience to get the perfect results and avoid damaging your beautiful hair or worse, having a hair color disaster.

Prevent a Hair Color Disaster, See a Professional.

We regularly get referrals from other salons and clients requesting us to come to the rescue for home hair color disasters.  For example, we recently had a lovely girl come in with completely black hair after she put a box color on herself.  Unfortunately, she just wanted her hair a touch darker.

She came walking in with tears in her eyes and said “PLEASE HELP ME!”

Our hearts went out to her.  Unfortunately this is something we see far too often and can happen far too easily.  We looked her hair over, assured her everything would be okay.  Once we calmed her down a bit with a soothing cup of tea and promises everything would be okay we went to work using our years of experience in corrective color to bring her hair back from the dark abyss.  First, we lifted her color out with a high grade color remover then went back in and put tone on.  We brought her hair to a level five medium brown tone and highlighted her with some foils to give her a little blond golden color.   This beautiful chocolate brown with a few golden highlights, which we call caramelizing on top, turned out absolutely gorgeous.  It matched her skin tone and look perfectly.

Of course we made her promise NEVER to do her own hair color ever again, but leave it to the professionals.  She wholeheartedly agreed.

Among other professional products, Kittie Olivier uses Schwarzkopf and Aveda Hair Color Products.  Schwarzkopf and Aveda offer the best color products on the market.   They have conditioning properties in them to give the most luxurious looking color and brilliance. It also leaves your hair in the best condition possible. While a box of home hair color may seem innocent, if it’s left on too long it destroys the hair shaft of the molecules which can break your hair right off.

Let us help you find the perfect color today.

Kittie Oliver provides Orange County Hair Color Services, Hair Color in Corona del Mar and Newport Beach Hair Color.  We also service the great Irvine area, Laguna Beach.  Located near Fashion Island we offer all your hair color needs.


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